Rained In - Demo 2018 VCB:001

First release on Version City Blues / Limited to 100.

With a sound routed firmly in the '90s/early-2000s hardcore that found its members singing along at Sunday matinees, buying up records, and starting bands of their own, Boston's Rained In provide their take on a classic. Showing the charm of youth and bitterness of age, being both creative and familiar, their five-song demo finds them in the company of early Blacklisted and No Warning, with bits of Buried Alive, The Promise, and Hatebreed thrown in. Started as a side project among old friends and finding time between tours, the band features members of Cruel Hand, Defeater, Guns Up!, and Vanna.

Track Listing

  1. Love Sick
  2. AM Gold
  3. Loose Ends
  4. Call It In The Air
  5. Coil

Pressing Information

18 - Green Artwork & Cassette
100 - Grey Artwork & Cassette

7 - Grey Artwork & Clear Cassette