Time & Pressure - Halfway Down - Cassette VCB:010

Time & Pressure unleash their brand of early-2000s hardcore on their debut full length, "Halfway Down" citing Ruiner, Count Me Out, Bane and more as influences. The band takes a refined approach at a familiar sound to make it their own with introspective lyrics, breakneck speed, and melodic guitars, setting the band apart from their peers.

"Halfway Down is the culmination of everything we’ve each learned in our time making music, not just from this band, but from all our previous projects, too. While that may seem like it can lead to a chaotic mess of an album without a singular identity, the finished LP very much has its own cohesive sound--this is unmistakably a Time and Pressure album. It may have some nods to the past, but those are just footprints on a path that lead us here. It’s still the five of us making these ten songs in the present time."

Pressing Information

24 - Vanilla w/ Black Ink
76 - Cobalt Blue w/ Black Ink